American Clay Works & Supply Company, aka ACW Supply, has been servicing growers since 1893.  That is not a typo.  Back in the 1800’s we were a clay pot manufacturer.  Up until plastic molding became commonplace (in horticulture starting in the 1950’s and really getting traction in the 1970’s) clay pots were the container people would use to hold plants.  Our machinery was installed by the founder, Clarence Montague, and we had a team of machinists that would tool parts, as well as a staff engineer, that kept these stamps and belts running until 1983 when we closed the clay pot factory and covered our land with warehouse space.  Since that time we have been dedicated to distribution of horticultural and agricultural products.  Our lines have changed over time to suit the needs of the customer as well as to keep up on new technologies in everything from automation to biological controls and now, even high tech organic fertilizers.  We are constantly working with manufacturers to bring in new products which you should see updates on the right side Instagram Feed, which also is duplicated to our Facebook Page.  This site contains our most recent catalog, which is a treasure trove of information including charts with Exhaust Fan CFM’s, other calculations, sizes of various containers and, of course, all of the products we were carrying at the time it was developed.  We should have another iteration of the catalog sometime next year.  If you have any questions about our products please let us know.  The Contacts Page includes email addresses of our Sales Staff who would be happy to get you pricing or information.  Thank you for visiting our site and happy growing!

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